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Excelsis College Financial Aid is a Long Island New York based company nationally servicing clients.

Our Mission....

  • To maximize your eligibility for financial aid...

  • To provide world class service to each client with one-on-one attention...

  • And to make the college experience simple and stress free.

Our Services

Our service has helped a countless number of families make the college dream happen.  The Excelsis team is made up of trained, professional staff who provide world class service to each client with one-on-one individualized attention.  The goal is to maximize your eligibility for financial aid…. and this is what we do!  We are experts in this area by knowing all the forms, methodologies, and timelines; and what to include or exclude on each document.​​

We understand it can be confusing and you just don’t have the time. Far too often we speak to families who have started the process on their own only to realize that it is not so simple, and they have more questions than answers.  It is soon after the free initial interview that they become clients.  You can rely on Excelsis to perform all necessary requirements with excellence and accuracy. 

Excelsis College Financial Aid Services is a trustworthy, honest business where all your financial information is secure and confidential.



" a knowledgeable source taking care of every aspect of preparing the necessary forms so that my children could receive the maximum financial aid they were eligible for... 

  ...I couldn't be happier with the efficiency and the assistance we receive from the wonderful staff members. They are well informed, highly experienced and always a pleasure to work with."

Maria B
East Northport, NY

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